A High Protein Low Fat Alternative Snack!

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Made in Michiana: Cow Chips


EXTREME PROTEIN (18 & 19 grams) in every bag and every bite!

Cow Chips Beef Jerky is a must for survival in your food preparedness kit! With a shelf life of 2+ years, Cow Chips Jerky should be your "go to" food source during eventful times: wilderness excursions, winter driving emergencies, power outages, or natural and man-made disasters.

Cow Chips Jerky could be the difference between surviving or not surviving these trying times.

Buy your Cow Chips Jerky now so that you and your loved ones will be well prepared!

Welcome to Cow Chips LLC Beef Jerky

Cow Chips Beef Jerky

Created by your average Joe in 1989...

Many times in the past when I bought a bag of jerky, there were so many pieces I couldn't chew. What a waste of jerky and money! I just want to be able to chew, eat, and enjoy the jerky. I'm not on a six month cattle drive out west! This led me to believe I could make a better jerky.

After months of experimenting and combining the right ingredients, I believe I have created a very tasty and very easy to eat beef jerky, wildly different from all the rest.

Since 1989, I've been giving this jerky away to family, friends, and everyday people off the street. So many people have stated this is the best beef jerky they have ever eaten...convincing me to market my product. So, that's how Cow Chips, The Almost Perfect Jerky, came into existence.

Cow Chips, The Almost Perfect Jerky, is all premium choice beef. The best part: It's easy to chew, very low in fat, high in protein, and the taste is amazing-so different from all the rest!

Cow Chips Cow

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Cow Chips Beef Jerky