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Jerky Reviews

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I have recently had Bariatric surgery of which I can only eat 2oz.at a time. Furthermore, I cannot eat regular jerky, steak, nor any other 'thick' pieces of meat. Cow Chips Jerky is perfect for what I need. I can chew it up and digest it very well. It is full of protein and so low in sugar that it fits in with my diet restrictions. I recommend Cow Chips Jerky to anyone who has had Bariatric surgery as a protein source. The flavor is wonderful and so easy to digest. Thank you for the opportunity to let you know how wonderful this product has been for me.
--Barbara B.
Joe, I am addicted to your jerky - I especially like the "chip" nature of the jerky instead of the thicker jerky you see on the market. I wish you the best in getting your business up and running. I look forward to seeing your packaging and of course, tasting that great jerky again.
--Maureen J.
This is the best treat anyone can snack on. I've taken it to work and on trips. It has always satisfied my hunger. CAUTION, it won't last long around the children either. You will never hear "Mom, we're hungry" on road trips again. Yummy Yummy!
--Brooke F.
I love Cow Chips. Finally a jerky that tastes great and I can bite off a chunk without making a spectacle of myself or getting jaw fatigue. I only see one thing wrong with it: once you start eating it - you can't stop! I handed half a bag to my daughter-in-law to let her see if she liked it. I came back fifteen minutes later and she had eaten it all!
--Bill S.
I absolutely always have loved your jerky. It's not almost perfect it IS perfect beef jerky.
--Alexis W.
Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your jerky. I recently picked some up and WOW!!! They smell and taste amazing. Nice and soft to chew and made with quality ingredients. Best brand out there by far!
--Mitch M.
Ever since I tried Cow Chips Beef Jerky no other jerky compares to the phenomenal taste. It's a delicious snack I can feel good about eating and all of my friends and family love them too, they always ask "where can we get a bag?".
--Betty H.